JULY 28-30, 2016

Hello Dear Friends of Salt River Acres:

As many of you are aware, Salt River Acres is a state licensed campground offering a wide variety of applications from receptions, reunions, picnics, concerts, festivals, and even the occasional camp-out with friends. Let us know your needs and desires and we will try to fulfill all your wishes.  We even have a Reverend and a wedding planner on staff to assist in making your wedding dreams come true. A stylized ceremony unique to each couple with your personal vision of your wedding day always in the forefront.

We are excited to be able to share our good news not only with family, but with our dear friends in the bluegrass community.  After a terrifying accident and a long road to regain her health; Mary Lou, (Georges' daughter) has made a remarkable recovery and has returned to her own home in Grass Lake.  That wonderful news gives us the opportunity to plan for the 38TH Annual Salt River Bluegrass Festival, even though it is one year late. 

George takes great pleasure and pride in finding new talent to present to our bluegrass family.  This years event will feature not only your favorite groups, but will provide you the opportunity to discover the new talent on  our stage.

The 2016 festival will bring to our fans the exceptional quality and outstanding performances you have become accustomed to enjoying at Salt River Acres.

Some of the standout favorites like Bluegrass 101, a tradition at Salt River Acres, will be returning to us to delight our fans with their rendition of Bluegrass music and comedy at its finest. We never know what to anticipate from Bluegrass 101.  It seems they spend a year contemplating and planning the shenanigans they play out on our stage and somehow incorporate George into their unique form of laughter and hilarity. All silliness aside, Bluegrass 101 is a genuine force in Bluegrass that is hard to compete with, whether they are acting out or just playing their brand of hard-driving bluegrass music.

We cannot overlook our dear friends from Full House/Kickin' Grass either, we are never sure what their stage name will be or exactly who will be camping or performing with them, but we do know they are certain to attend and give us the best in fun and exceptional musical thrills. We are hoping the newest member of the Full House Family is accompanying them this year, Dana's granddaughter, Elizabeth (Jenny and Marc's baby girl) was born early this year. It is never to soon to start camping and singing bluegrass music. It is a guarantee the gang will be in the parking lot entertaining until the early morning sun begins to peek through the sky. They have been with us for over 20 years and have become like family. With all due respect, that is longer than most couples relationships, so make sure you stop by and at least congratulate them on their longevity and that they all still care deeply for one another.  We should all strive to attain the long relationships that the members of Full House have achieved.

Blue Mafia are quickly becoming a fan favorite at Salt River Acres and are developing their own fan following. We were deeply touched when we discovered that Blue Mafia, now Pinecastle recording artists, dedicated one of Georges' favorite songs to him on their new CD.  It is truly gratifying to be honored by these young and talented artists. From the first time we heard their promotional material we were certain their adventure into Bluegrass Music would take them to the top. They are well on their way to becoming renown artists in their genre.

Local favorites Family Tradition will open the event with their rendition of classic tunes from days gone by. Several of the members are really family and have played together all of their lives resulting in tight harmonies and quick trips down memory lane.

This year we are proud to introduce you to some new talent. We feel delighted to present you with the Farm Hands Quartet, a fast rising group on the Bluegrass circuit and certain to become one of the premiere groups in the genre. Purdy River, New County Grass, Borrowed Tyme and the group Guitar and Banjo are just a few of the new entertainers we are excited to bring to all of you. They  are certain to captivate your senses. We are excited to bring them to our stage for your listening pleasure.